After our first session in collaboration with Flytographer, after all the excitement that was shooting a wedding proposal live and in color, nothing more exciting could happen to us than shooting a new photoshoot... on the next day... another wedding proposal... live and in colors!
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale!

Less than twenty-four hours after all the adrenaline we felt for give everything we could on an incredible wedding proposal, we were back in action with more adrenaline, more excitement, more doubts, but always with the certainty that we would witness an unique and unrepeatable moment!

A sunny afternoon, the temperature inviting to tour in the city and giving us a sign that another breathtaking session was about to happen.
Once again we disguised our presence and nerves with a forced interest in everything around, pretending to be tourists in our city and being amazed by the view that only Castelo de São Jorge offers.

Jason and Leanne arrived shortly after. In him the perception of the nervousness anticipating what was about to happen, in her the relaxation of those who don't even dream what they came here for.
It was magical! Once again I think our breath was suspended throughout the time that the knee was on the floor and the tears rushed face down. Not even the view tore in them an emotion equal to the proposal that lays bare one of the most wonderful feelings that we enjoy shooting.

and then ... then we relaxed the adrenaline in a tour around the castle, we lingered in small nooks and on a glass of wine.
We shared light words and let love happen in every hug, every exchange of glances.

And once again we would like to thanks to the wonderful Flytographer team for all the commitment and dedication and for letting us continue to dream!
What a pride to be part of this adventure!

4th April of 2016