Who knows me knows that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.
I love the concept of brunch that has started to grow around us and that is available in many places, but I also like to prepare morning brunches here at home.

If in the weekend it becomes easier because it is supposed to be when we can enjoy some rest and delay the beginning of the day to a few hours later, put yourself in my place!
Often our saturdays and sundays begin before sunrise so we can start the first day photoshoot as soon as the first ray of sunlight appears in the sky and that is the reason enough for an alarm clock sounding repeatedly and the lack of time that just leave us the possibility of a fast, unbalanced meal and worse! that didn't gave us any pleasure to prepare and even less to enjoy it.
Like on a regular monday to anyone of you!

The secret is only one!
Put the alarm to ring 20 minutes earlier and devote that time to prepare the best of all the breakfasts and then enjoy it with family or even alone, in a moment of silence and introspection that will bring you a new peace to start the day.
It's only 20 minutes (8 to prepare the pancakes, 12 for taste it) that can change the spirit and energy to start a new day!

So what can you do to wake up on a monday with the same enthusiasm as if it were saturday?
Wake up 20 minutes early, make pancakes and enjoy it comfortably before giving an irremediable start to another Monday.
Because mondays can bring a sullen and morose face, but can also be seen as a new beginning! A new week starting, full ahead with hard work, but also with new ideas, projects, amazing people!

Do say "good morning monday"... !
... with a saturday flavour! ...with pancakes flavour!

11th April of 2016