The adventure of being part of an incredible team, full of talented colleagues spread across the world, began two years ago.
The proposal came and after one and another talk, we aligned our compasses for what I believe to be an amazing partnership.

This was our first Flytographer photoshoot!
And we started with a live wedding proposal, pretending to be tourists interested in photographing everything and a pair of boots until the proposal... "the" proposal!

Minutes before thousands of thoughts crossed our minds: what if she realizes it before and what if we can not go unnoticed and, worse, what if she says no?
But she said YES, in fact, she didn't. I think it was all so magical, it was all already so stitched up by the lines that fate sews that it was just like that, without an yes or a no.

Then... it was time to take a deep breath, enjoy every corner that Lisbon has to offer us in the company of an amazing couple, full of stories and with whom we also fell in love.

This story was featured in numerous pages and blogs on the internet, but was still left untold here, in place of stories.
You can read everything in detail on the Flytographer page or even on the blog How He Asked, where we were so proudly featured.

Nisha & Riddish, that this was the beginning of an incredible chapter in your story.

Thank you Flytographer (Nicole, Michelle, Jen, Tedi, Danica ...) for bringing more excitement to this adventure, more salt to life! You are amazing!

Words fail, but images remain forever, like these:

22nd March of 2016