A thousand and one nooks. A landscape that fills the view and the chest with fresh air. A light that never disappoints although everything is haze.

The place where we are from and where it's always so good to come back. But even better when we are in the best company.

Between jokes and many blunders we hardly noticed the drag of the clock hands on the clock display.
We sang with open lungs to the air of the mountain songs that we didn't even know the letter. We have recalled fairies and gnomes again and again until we missed our voices but not the cold night air falling.

We were back unwillingly, full of a good air that only the mountain air give us and pretty pictures, but a piece of us remains there, in the wind echoes that shakes the treetops.

By miracle or magic, we join a special place, a beautiful light and an amazing family and this combination makes truth everything that seemed imagination.
And we always want more and more, more families, more children, more stories to tell, to walk toward places that we do not know yet or that are already so ours.
And all this so that one day later, like today, the return ticket is so real that we feel on the prickled skin the cold mountain air and, without having how to, the smell of fresh air comes to us.

A mixture of forest, earth and happy moments, like this:

11th May of 2016