Lisbon, its seven hills, the disorderly houses laid in the sun, its light, the colors, the smells.
We are eternal lovers of our city, knowing that so many times we were there but so much still remains to be seen, places to discover, cobbled streets to walk and stumble.

We have already been lost at many cities, but yet don't know New York, although many characters of our stories bring this city in the eyes and in the heart.
Sonia and Jean live in the city that never sleeps, the city that for many is still only a dream and diffuse images is to them home and life.
But Lisbon was the stage they chose to give ground to this history.

A balmy afternoon, when it seemed that spring was really hanging by a thread and a story that made us lost in space and time and that now we are sure that it was real only because we have the pictures to prove it.

Once again we feel the blessing of being part of such an amazing and talented team of photographers around the world.
And like Flytographer, we believe that the photography are the best souvenirs!

Love and light, hands in hands spreading magic, like this:

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