Christenings are, increasingly, a constant in our days as storytellers. And increasingly we feel that they get lost in the bustle of so many other chapters of other stories, of happy families and passionate couples.

Today we remember a christening of an unique family where love is magical, like the moments they gave us and that made us stuck our finger to the shutter button, our eyes to beautiful images and heart to unrepeatable moments.

Manuel's day started early and, as the magic could not be missed, it gathered in itself several year seasons. Winter gave airs of its grace on the arrival at the church, revolving dresses and hairs and blessing the christening. At the exit all was already light and sun, celebrating another important step in the life of tiny Manuel.

These are unique and special moments and, therefore, we scored presence to ensure that they remain as so, immortalized in images and saved forever.

Today we review, longingly, Manuel's day,  it may rain or shine, within us always sun with such moments:

10th May of 2016