The work behind the scenes has been intense, but it seems that the more we have to do the more and more projects we get into and more new ideas arise. It seems that the lack of time is like a magnet that attracts more things to take even more time that we lack.
There is nothing to do, or well, there is! Take a deep breath, believe and move on.
You may have noticed that the site is completely upside down, but it was also quite clear that the change was imminent. We want to be whole in everything we do and it became clear as water that the site was already only half of us, losing, perhaps, the better half.

But today is the day to tell one more story.
It was September. The month when the days are endless and very rarely we wear sweater. A month in which we are so light, the skin is always tanned and feet can walk almost bare.
We met Joana and Bia in Cascais. That smell of the sea always in the air inviting us for a swim, the buzz of late afternoon light conversations in every corner, but it was the park that captivated us with proposals for a thousand and one places, fresh and light shadows, a playground that Bia already knew so well and from which we could barely steal her for our session.

We played a lot, enjoyed a lot, walked a lot, but I think what we did most was to exchange words and smiles. After all we had similar paths, some dreams that touched and so much things changing in the meantime.
With us we had a helping hand from a grandmother. You are already tired of knowing that the world is for us a so much better place when we stumbled upon a grandmother.
And today we miss this afternoon, these moments, Joana and Bia, but above all we have an atrocious regret of not having pressured this beloved grandmother for some pictures.
We hope it has been a missed opportunity in a train version, which always passes again!

It was so:

5th February of 2015