It seems like yesterday, but it wasn't!

Everyday it seems that time passes more quickly and that we look back more and more and we feel the need to keep memories and to tell stories through images. Perhaps due to the feeling that a little piece of time that has passed so quickly is frozen and safe forever, perhaps because we are forever in love with these love and passion stories that touch us. Maybe just because.

So many stories to tell... a lot!
This one was almost two years ago... but it seems that was yesterday we lived these moments.
The preparation of the calmest bride ever, always with a smile, the drive around and around so that, as tradition dictates, the groom arrived first at the church, even if the bride was already ready and a few meters away, the sunset we have seen alone with both, a lively party full of jokes and adventures... and closer to the end of the night, a fire lantern that rose into the sky, taking the promises of eternal love to make them safe up high, where no hands can reach.

Today we miss these moments!
After them so many things happened, so many others have changed... but love, it stayed with them!
And today, as in this already distant day, let it never be missed neither by them or us.

19th January of 2015