The further time goes, the more precious and valuable becomes the times when we review old photos.

Although we carry with us the memories of the good times, the smells, the sound of a good laugh, it is in the photographs that we find the more clearly and defined way to remember times that are gone!

And if you think that pictures so full of memories are for homesick nostalgics, think again.
We bet all our coins that anyone could lose the helm of emotions when stirring in old photographs.

Today's story happened some time ago but it's not properly old, but when there are children around time goes by even faster and we know, with conviction and without any pretentiousness, that these images will go straight to the heart of a doting mother.
João must be bigger today, the steps must already be safer, he must have a more extensive lexicon, but the mischievous look, the sweet smile and sympathy never leave us and we know that today they should still find home on this already bigger body.

To Joana, the mother, a big thank you for these moments that we remember today.
To little João, may he be able to remember this moments forever, keep them forever and that they can provide him smiles and beautiful feelings.

We look at these pictures and smile, nostalgic but happy to know we experienced this wonderful afternoon.
May they make you smile too.

19th February of 2015