It is increasingly special to accept Lisbon as the stage of so many and so good stories.
It is even more special walk through the world, through places that we have never heard about, without leaving where we are.
To receive, wide open arms, the opportunity to meet people, faces, smiles and places that, even being the same, are never the same.
There is always a corner that we haven't noticed yet, a line of light that falls into a place and creates a moment that extends beyond than what we can remember.

Deon and Ken crossed the ocean to celebrate what unites them, that transpires and overflows at every single moment. And Lisbon was the background, places where so often we stopped by without dreaming that they could be elected as a perfect background for this story.

We want you to feel at every shot how much welcome you are, how much we want to receive and embrace you around here and how much we want you to take these moments, on an overweight luggage, with all the other adventures you have to tell.

We are grateful for the moments we shared with you, for having crossed our path, yet so far from the one you step in every day.

Do always come back, take your time, never go away.

Around Lisbon, hand in hand with this story that goes straight to the heart, like this:

31st October of 2016