Weeks pass by without more complete stories finding their way to the blog.
The truth is that the time we choose and prepare the images to show here and the care and affection that we want to leave printed on every word written, turn out that only now the first jobs of2015 (yes, you read it well, 2015!) are coming to the blog.

We would like to promise more attendance but there are so many stories to tell!
And there is the constant balance between the humanly possible and the will to be present everywhere, whenever needed.

Today we tell the story of a family that we miss.
The theme of Pedro's christening dictated the mood of the shoot, as the end result was intended to be used for the christening. So it was between sheep and other animals, in the countryside, with a beautiful light and a surprising weather that we were marveled by this family and the antics of Pedro.

Certainly we will be astonished when we see Pedro again, more than a year after and at an age when in a week everything changes.
But more than fish back a job or a pretty shoot left behind, nothing beats this amazing opportunity to travel back in time to meet these moments, reliving stories and jokes and reviewing people that are so dear to us.

Today we relive this family that so well welcomed us and appease the nostalgia oftimes so well lived, like this:

2nd August of 2016