There are many families who are repeaters here. Never from material or disciplinary faults, but because there are so good subjects that it feels good to study and know them at the tip of the tongue.

We met Vicente on a Christmas mini-shoot, so tiny.
We have overcomed the constraints of the first encounter with machines and lenses in the middle and we marveled ourselves with this family in a faster and short record that left us water on the mouth for more, much more.

Then came this day.
The day of the christening when we met grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles... a family who welcomed us with open arms where we left ourselves get involved by an accent that were already familiar.
After that came the celebrations of the first and second year of Vicente... and the Mother's day, because we grab all these opportunities and turn them into incredible moments that also make us shiver in nostalgia

Vicente always leaves us with a smile on the lips, with the desire to be a child again or simply to be and to be present without asking much more of life!
This is a family that is already family, whose faces are no longer new here and whom we hope to see many more times until we know them in every detail.

The day of Vicente's christening was incredibly well spent, incredibly "familiar".
The day when we also celebrated freedom, like so:

4th August of 2016