We are increasingly grateful for the people who cross our path, whose stories mingle with ours, in a combination of good times and memories of those that we keep forever.

Then there are friends of friends who come by the hand of other friends, who call us to take part in a special day and make us feel well and at home, comfortable and accommodated into the family's routine and that, in the end, invite us to stay.

The day of Enzo's christening was filled with sun and heat. We were greeted by a door and several open arms, we felt at home.
João was always in good mood, attentive to everything around and, we believe, felling special with so many pampering and attention received from the family.

From these days we keep the good moments, the light conversation at the church door and, often, the opportunity to gather the whole family!
It is in the sharing and delivery that the best moments of life reside and here we were, whole, heart and soul, being able to record the images that will remain, to remember later, at the family "album" ... like this one: