The proof that time passes by too quickly are the spent and exclaimed expressions when we meet (already so) our families.
When the bellies of old times run now free, play and discover he world by themselves.

We met Madalena with only ten days of life. So small she already raptured the most serious looks. If tenderness grew along with her it was certain and well-known that we would reach today with the impossibility of resisting her.
Time has passed by quickly, too quickly for what we wanted to enjoy it and if it continues so I give you the certainty of not winning my sympathy.

On the way comes someone with whom to share attentions and jokes and duplicate love and affections.
Maybe in a few months we'll get to know him (it's a boy!) like we met the "older sister" and can exclaim, since then, our indignation over the passage of time at each reunion.

There are families like this, special, who do not spare in tenderness and pampering and who do not spare us from the best of all moments.
If every afternoon were like this, it is certain and true that the editions would pile up in wait for their turn, but in us the chest would burst, cluttered with so many good stories to tell.
Like this one.

15th November of 2016