We had our shoot scheduled for the day before, but life and the weather decided that a flood would fell over Lisbon, with serious flooding, a little everywhere.
Alfama would be the stage of this story, its streets and corners, tight urban mesh of steep staircases and the river always peeking.

In Tammara and Brad plans, they would drive to Sintra after this short stay in Lisbon. And the next day, with a pause in the bad weather, in the rain and the dark clouds, we left our old studio, in Sintra, and walked to Volta do Duche where we set out to shoot until the rain soaked us up to the bones .

The rain turned out to not even show up, letting us walk through the village with its colors and its so typical smells, flooding our lungs with the cool air that was coming down the mountain.
So we met Tammara and Brad, light and relaxed, in love and rocked by the good rythm of whom spends a few days in a different country where the sun (almost) shines.

There is always this unpredictability in the weather no matter how many forecasts and weather reports we can see, nothing is exact and precise and we can always be surprised by some weather phenomena that we didn't expect.
Ideally, we should take a deep breath and keep an open mind to all possibilities and, if it is completely impossible to shoot in the outside enjoying the light and the weather, then we can always find an alternative solution like another space to shoot or we can reschedule our session for when we feel that the generosity and good mood of St. Peter will not disappoint us.

From Canadá to Sintra, with Tammara and Brad, it was so, another wonderful Flytographer shoot!

16th May of 2016