We are in the middle of the high season, in the heart of summer that hits so strong that raises the temperature.
This story was told in full summer mode, a hot day with a burning sun and a stubborn breeze in bringing us the smell of sea and pine forest, but never in refreshing us.

After the agitation of the preparations, the nervousness moments before entering the church, these moments of two (actually four!) are a kind of balm that invigorates us to move forward with a new energy to the party that follows.
For these photographs we always choose a place where we can be discreet, away from prying eyes, where you can also enjoy each other's company. We do believe that these are the only moments alone during all day and, if on the one hand we want to compose the pictures and give you some directions, on the other we also want you to be with each other, and to seize this moment as yours.

The pinewood called for us and we went there.
The light was incredible, the high temperature gave truce and that's how we left you for a moment, to feel the breath of each other, to enjoy, to be yourselves beyond a suit and a dress.

It was an amazing day full of emotions and party.
We toasted to love, life and summer!

And we hope that today, also these two can remember it like so, no matter on what island-paradise they are:

10th August of 2016