We know that not everyone are a morning person.
Especially when you are on vacation.
But we also know that early waking allows us to live the spaces and the city in a completely unique and special way.
Feeling the city wake up for another day of life and see the sunrise is a privilege that many people don't do every day or have never done and it warms our hearts to know that some couples we photographed have seen their first sunrise together, with us.

If you are in doubt whether to wake up early or not to do a photo shoot in the early hours of daylight, we give you three good reasons to do so.
Reasons wrote with the conviction of someone who woke up at 4:30 am in the last days to photograph a session with friends and a wedding proposal at sunrise!

1. Empty places
Shooting at sunrise allows us to use as background the most iconic city places without being inundated by a crowd of tourists and curious who cares little or nothing whether they pass or not in front of us or if they push us to get the best photo.
Like, in this case, the Torre de Belém, at sunrise, where we found no one besides one or another morning runner (who I envy the perseverance!)

2. Watch the sunrise and the light
We don't do it every day and I'm sure many of you can't even remember when it was the last time you did it.
It is a beautiful moment, to feel one more opportunity to start again with the first rays of sun rising.
Someone one day said that the world gives us, every day, with the sunrise, a new opportunity. Shall we miss it?
And then it's the incredible, soft light that gives an aura and transforms any place into a beautiful place.

3. Weekend, vacation or work plans
The best part is that shooting early in the morning does not interfere with the plans you might have for the rest of the day. After all, after the session, you have time to enjoy a great breakfast and get on the plan for the day whether it is vacation, weekend or work related, just as you planned.
If you are not on vacation or weekend, you will arrive in time at your workplace maybe even, perhaps, before your usual arrival time!

If these reasons aren't enough, we leave you with the memory, the light, the intimacy that we were able to document during a shoot with Bailie and Ian, one of the coolest couples ever, at Torre de Belém.
Yes, yes, the same Tower that at the end of the day requires us to do a gymkhana to pass from one side to the other!

Have a good morning! And a great week!

Another incredible Flytographer shoot!