We always open the door of a charming bubble each time we welcome a new life, through images.

Shooting in studio allows us to have the perfect light, the perfect setting, the best of the frameworks, but the imperfection of the perfect feelings is well captured like so, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere in which even the walls yearn to come to life and be part.

Mariana was born a few days after we met the wonderful belly that was her home and there was no room for doubt, she was the best Christmas gift with which anyone could be gifted by the 25th of December, after all the wrapping paper being torn by the taste of curiosity .
And what better gift could we ask for than a new life fallen in the lap, soft, sweet, tiny where we get lost in the perfection of the lips or in the smallness of the also perfect little fingers, a work of the best craftsmen and a handful of stardust.

House door opened, the home warmth going unnoticed by the family warmth.
A family now completed, perfect, rocked by lots of lap and cuddling because it all goes by too quickly.

Today Mariana will be bigger, the family will be different on their habits and routines, but for us, there are unique moments that will remain forever so.
Today we are in the mood for love at higher dose, tenderness and baby smell.

And who can resist to all this?

10th February of 2016