Our bride and groom continue to amaze us.
In addition to the incredible weddings that we have photographed and the wonderful stories we tell each day, there is also the creative and restless side of new ideas and projects that emerge from such a special and emotional moment.

Ana Luísa was one of our brides of this year and if we thought that her wedding day had been the highlight of the organization and good taste we were well mistaken.
Combining good taste, the will to do and, much more than the education, the talent, hand in hand with a friend who gives even more points to each one of these aspects, the INVITE - Momentos Felizes has born.

More than wedding stationary (invitations, table markers, menus... and all these things) are pieces full of details chosen in every aspect that can make the difference of your special day.
How many dreadful invitations have we received that we have just thrown away?
And how many invitations are so irresistibly well made or original that we end up keeping because we are unable to discard them?

In addition to this there is a perfectionist and super organized spirit. It's enough to mention that we received the plan of Ana Luísa's wedding to-the-minute, months in advance and this is transversal to all the things that she does, from the smallest detail, the one that will surely escapes us but that these girls will never let go unoticed!

I believe that if you want to give a beautiful and consistent look to your special day, if you want everything to be so right that it makes sense, you can have what you are looking for here!

Photography: Terra Fotografia & Histórias
Production e Styling: INVITE - Momentos Felizes

23rd November of 2016