Here we forget the good maxim that "the secret is the soul of business."
The soul of the business are, truly, the people behind it, representing it like a second skin and taking it off of the ground.

Behind every brand we recognize the effort and dedication of someone who we don't always know exactly who it is and how it will be, afterall our Terra also gives us a good shirt to wear, and it is with great affection that we welcome new brands here in our space to help them showing up with pictures where they recognize themselves and where the quality of their work stands out.
That's how we met Sofia, the (cute) face behind the brand Homes in Colour.

We were already fans of the brand and already dreamed about some of the products at our home or at our house of stories, but meet the person behind the brand is to believe that all makes sense, it is to recognize in a person all the care, attention to detail and good taste we saw in every blog post and every product sold.

Our room got filled with environments carefully designed and prepared by Sofia, who was excels in the styling of the shoot and, believe me, at the end we wanted our room to stay like so, full of comfortable nooks to the body and sight.

It was a super fun morning where, besides photography, we exchanged ideas and experiences, and where, in addition to the shoot itself, there are memories of good times and a set of images that we hope will lead Sofia and Homes in Colour further!

If you still don't know Homes in Colour and Sofia, we invite you to meet the brand and the person, so worthwhile.

Pillow: Homes in Colour.
Lighting: Orikomi.

6th June of 2016