Today we remember this afternoon, these good times that we spent with these families and that are unrepeatable!

Doing family sessions with a traditional family of mother, father and children is very common. This one was a special request! M. and R. are sisters. Today some (many) kilometers separate them, but the bond between brothers is unbreakable. Here or on the moon, a brother is a brother, almost almost like a mother.
Both have built their families, with beautiful children and many adventures and stories to tell. For the session the grandmother joined us, the voice of reason in a so full, so busy, so lively and with so much fun session!
To balance all this we had little X., the baby on duty, the boy who came to break this endless line of girls and remained snuggled in the mother's and grandmother's lap, indifferent to the mess that we were doing around the garden!

We also remember this afternoon, and we already miss it!
An afternoon when we remembered old times, we exchanged ideas and believed with conviction in the future to come!

Today it was just a summer afternoon, but it's good to remember it so, lively and in color, forever!

12th May of 2014