Everything has changed!

The saw is now full of wind and rain, the distances increased, but the ties are stronger.
There is a plane and a few hours that separate us from these smiles, there is a period of time that passed by, which we badly realized, that transformed these little baby girls into grown up girls.
But everything remained equal, special, magical, untouched in this afternoon. Because this afternoon is still there, in the same place, in your history and in our own.

The saw is always a place where we go back and re-go back.
We could shoot every day around there that would never be the same. So many places, so many places full of mystery, so many stories and myths.
This is another story that we add to the so many stories that are written by the lines of the mountain, for us one of the most special.

We know that the distance is getting shorter, that every day that passes by leaves a shorter way to win.
And here we are waiting for you, dear family, with open arms, struggling with work, but always with space for a good hug.

It's a see you soon... only a see you soon!

8th April of 2015