Perhaps the idea of waking up on a sunday at 5:30 am to go to work doesn't seem, at a first glance, the most fantastic idea we had.
Perhaps waking up on a sunday at 5:30 am, after arriving from holidays on the day before, a sunny saturday when we returned from a snow trip and were amazed by the streets of Barcelona, between tapas and alleys, wasn't at all, the more attractive idea.
But not always everything is as it seems and, indeed, the enthusiasm won the sleepness and fatigue and Cascais received us with open arms and straight lines where we write another love story.
Although the cold lingered in the shadows, the sun sooner turned shade into light and warmed us.

And so, unintentionally, we turned everything that seemed like a bad idea into one of the best ways we have found to return from vacation and get back to what we like so much to do and that, although we call it work, makes us think that perhaps work is one of the best things invented ever.

Is was like so: these two, the love walking all over the streets, filling up blind alleys and going down to the beach without fearing the adventurous wave that dares a little further to find the feet, a village that was still asleep, full of light, smells, colors, places to explore and many others left for another time.
And to wake up even long before the sun, to see it come up and fill every corner of space and time and all the space in us as if, suddenly, the entire sun within us.

It was so, really, and we can not wait for the next chapter of this story:

14th March of 2016