Suddenly the sky.
The sky in our studio, the sky at our eyes.

Not always our sessions are exactly a sky, especially when it comes to newborns. There are babies who do not cooperate because they don't sleep, because they are bothered by anything like colics or some late tantrum or because they are already too grown up for a studio session and are more alert about life and the world.
These sessions should happen in the first days of life, we ask you to bring us the best of you around the 5th to the 7th day. After these first days the baby will be bigger, more sensitive to touch and more awake which could down to the ground every opportunity to make pictures like this.

With Matilde it wasn't easy but, despite of adversity, she decided to give us the opportunity to register these first moments and to give her parents the opportunity to remember her so tiny and delicate forever.

Suddenly, when nothing could predict, the sky!
The sky in our studio, the sky at our eyes.>
The sky which is to have a blissful, serene and sleepy baby girl from whom we will keep the first memories, like this:

5th August of 2015