After returning from a vacation with friends, nothing better than remembering a shoot with friends!

The truth is that life doesn't always place us close to those we love and although the friendship of this group is already long, life has dispersed them by incredible places that are now the place they call home.
Singapore, New York, and many other cities about which we spend our lives sighing, make a permanent physical contact impossible, so why not to choose an incredibly gorgeous city and get all together to celebrate the best they have: friendship?

It was in Lisbon that we met this incredible group and, we may risk to say, without fears or sieges, that it was one of the most fun groups we have ever photographed. Jokes, complicity and this magic that unites them and brought them all together to us.
Sometimes we all seemed to be just one group, on vacation... wandering by the streets of the city making nonsense, talking and laughing loudly.

We hope you keep this friendship with the care and affection with which we will keepthe memories of these moments forever.
There are late afternoons that become even more special, we just need friends: yours and ours!
Because there is nothing better than friendship, the lightness of knowing that there is always a safe haven anywhere in the world where life takes us.

Megha, Shiva, Aurvi, Monesh, Shreya, Vidur, Farhan, Rayo, you guys rock!

To Friendship!

Another incredible Flytographer shoot.

19th December of 2016