We always want to photograph at the best of the best places with the best possible light.
We always want the places, the stage of your story, to be special or have anything to do with you, with some special moment, with old memories.

When we knew we were going to shoot Adrienne and Wes at Belem Tower, on a day promising sun and heat, we tremble on the inside.
How many people would be there, getting to know the place, enjoying the view of the other side or waiting for the amazing setting of the sun that did not disappoint?

Luck decided that we counted by the fingers the people who were around there, divided between an end of the day walk and the well-deserved rest of the body abandoned in the cool grass.
Luck decided that this story came so well represented, with characters that looked like taken from the cover of an internationally renowned magazine.
Kind, with a good mood, even with the wind taking loose words away and misalign hair and dress, they gave another shine to this "golden hour".

It's amazing this opportunity to work with such a special team like Flytographer!
And even more special to meet so beautiful and special people that made our job so easy and brought to us a little piece of the so far Canada.

The day that Belem Tower won another light, thus:

Another amazing Flytographer session!
Because some trips deserve more than selfies!

25th July of 2016