A less shy sunbeam appears on the horizon as we won the kilometers that separate us from the place of our shoot.
The streets are calm and silent, confusion remains asleep, left to the heat of the dreams and the sheets.
Cascais never disappoints and, if we want it just for us, it is imperative that we dawn before dawn, that we forget sleep and laziness and roll up our sleeves for an exceptional shoot, for the best of all ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary: together in Cascais and keeping memories that will last forever.

We wipe off the remnants of sleep, it is impossible to sleep around people who wake up with a torn smile and an energy that contaminates and makes us want to be better, whole and complete on a shoot, put even more of us in each shot.

Conversations exchanged rocked by the sea, the first ones of the day, a link that mixes Cascais, Lisbon and Boston.
There is always a piece of the world that comes to us, images and descriptions of places we do not know and that make us want to grow wings and move towards adventure.

If every day started like this!
Mornings with unbelievable skies, Shannon and Carlos, the smell of the sea, green eyes dethroning the charm for the ocean blue, holding hands in the celebration of another year together... days that start like this, more, many more please!
Do you know a better way to wake up than completely passionate about what we do and inebriated by this story? We don't!

Here there is no Portugal, Cascais, United States... only they, we and the world, on a beautiful summer morning!
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16th September of 2016