The weekend was intense.
The sun shone in all its splendor, the temperature rose, many people searched for the beach as a backdrop for one more saturday.

Here, although the beach was also a destination of choice, there was a good story to tell.
The shiver down the spine from a dive into the cold ocean was replaced by the shiver of the lived emotions.
Only a few days had passed since the first shoot and already a new chapter of this story was opened at our eyes, a chapter promising many more happy moments.

Estoril and Sintra were the stage of this story. From the entrance of the church we could se the people scattered all over the beach sand, a colorful of towels and sun hats, but we didn't envy them not even by a second.
We would never exchange a day like this one by sand on feet or an ocean swim even though that after a so intense weekend, it is imperative to salt the hair, body and soul.

It was an intense, incredible, magical day!
And we were there, as always, with the best bride and groom in the world, ours, as always!

From Norway to Portugal, because love has no boundaries!
And who knows if another chapter of this story will not be to told many kilometers away from this place by the sun?
It was special ... it was like this:

18th July of 2016