The day started with sun and blue sky even though that, for someone, the night may have been stirred trying to calm nerves and excitement.
In the mountain, however, an incredible hat of clouds was already installed to stay. At the top, with a privileged view for so many and such good moments.
With it the fog that leaves fantasy gain wings, the mystery feeling invade us, the chill in the stomach, the butterflies, the excitement.
Sintra, the perfect stage for all the stories but where only the special ones form light from the mist.

We are passionate about places, the breathtaking views, the wind in the hair, the natural phenomena, but even more by the stories, the people who we have the good fortune to meet and that make us thrill and suffer doubly on these days: as photographers and as friends.
We want the perfect picture, but we want, even more, your day to be amazing, that it exceeds the expectations, that, compared to many others, it could be, without doubt and with conviction, one of the best days of your life... or even the best!

Your journey begins now, not the honeymoon travel, the other, the best one! The most incredible adventure that is being in the world hand in hand, from now on, forever!

Your journey begins now and we want the pictures to be just a passport for the first day, the day when it all started together.
Thus, in the House of Penedos, with open arms to the whole world that lies ahead of you!
This day:

12th September of 2016