I have many people asking "and when will we have our photos?" and after receiving the answer they ask "so much time?". But deep down, it's never that long!

So, let's go to numbers?

Regarding this post (whose reading I recommend!): WHY DOES IT TAKES SO LONG TO DELIVER THE PHOTOS? I decided to be much more organized and to count how much time I took to deliver the pictures of the sessions and photo reports during last year!

This not considering the Flytographer sessions that, due to contractual matters, have to be delivered in 48 hours and that would end up giving to the average an unrealistic value! And if it is to be fooling you maybe I wouldn't be here in this words game, trying to create a beautiful post!

For regular sessions, ie family and couple sessions, as well as some bachelorette parties, single sessions for bloggers and travel instagrammers, the delivery time I give is from 4 to 8 weeks, which translates into a delivery of 28 to 56 days after the session date! During the year of 2018, all sessions were delivered on an average of 25 days so, before the deadline!

Let's look at the weddings? The deadline I indicate for this type of photo report is from 12 to 24 weeks, that is from 84 to 168 days. In 2018, all weddings were delivered on an average of 110 days. Yes, even though I was unable to deliver everything before the deadline, it was never exceeded!

So why do I give such a long deadline when I always deliver everything ahead of time?

So simple, because anything can happen. And when I say everything, it's all that can happen to any of us in the place of a human being.

Last year I went to the emergency room once, which delayed deliveries and had me canceling sessions. I also went through a very difficult situation that made me unable to work for a few days. Apart from this there are the bad days, the little tragedies of the foam of days... a cold or a flat tire, among so many things.

If in a year with so many rides on the roller coaster I was able to meet deadlines or even anticipate them, I want to believe that these numbers that I give you today and that are only numbers, will improve considerably on the day that the universe decides to conspire in my favor and give me incredible days, with no last minute events!

This year, and as many of you are aware of, already included a few hospital nights and, how it is understandable, the desire to get home (in a post-hospital situation) and being in front of the computer reduces considerably!

Yet, I promise to always do my best so that the wait is so short that you will barely notice it! I do promise to be as honest as possible in everything I do!

I, more than anyone else, want the memories to go to the hands where they belong as soon as possible! And that's why I'm sitting here for, writing this post …

... for this and to show you this incredible couple that I had the luck to meet and photograph!

Don't they look like models straight from a magazine cover?