Today what brings us here is an issue that has been repeatedly spoken personally and in some virtual contacts with our families, brides and grooms.
The question of the loss of your photos in a variety of scenarios but all of an unparalleled suffering.

It came to us, in conversation, the story told and re-told from someone who was seeking for the photos on the support in which they were received (I can't remember if it was a DVD or pen) and some files were corrupted and inaccessible. So far it seems to me a perfectly normal situation because it is up to us to always alert you that these supports are not eternal, no matter that we have promises of durability and eternal resistance. They aren't! They do not last forever. And the ideal is that you, on your own, safeguard yourself from these destiny tricks and ensure the eternity of your photos by making a copy, or more than one, if possible.
No matter where: multiple DVD's, external disks, online databases, in more than one computer that you may have at home and other related supports.
It is really important that you do so because they are your memories and they can be lost forever... or almost!

But what do you mean with "or almost"?
The truth is that, today, we still keep two copies of all works since the first work we did. It is inhuman the speed that the pile of external disks grows in our house of stories, but it is impossible for me to open a disc and clear out a session, a wedding, a christening... whatever. I want that, in the day that something fails on your side, I can tell you in a comforting embracing way: your memories are here!
We have no obligation to keep your photos well beyond the completion of the work, but the truth is, on the day I get to erase memories and save money on discs, then it is because I will no longer want to do what I do and I have to move forward to a new profession .
I am really attached to your memories that are also mine and delete a picture of you would be, with no room for doubt, delete a bit of my own story.

So this is it. This and an accumulating stack of discs.
And is this that nobody see, know or think about when they know the value of a session or a budget for a wedding.
No one knows this is almost forever! No one knows that, today, after more than five years since we started, we keep the memories from the first day in double copies, and tomorrow, when you loose them they will not be lost.

Because your photographs are our history!
And our story is always with us!

12th August of 2016