Everything passes by too quickly, and we live in this permanent race against time so that, in the end, we will have some time left.

When a baby is born we have the feeling that everything is so intense that it goes even faster than the clock hands.
Hours and days add up to changed diapers and barely asleep nights and, almost without noticing it, the tiny baby can no longer fit on the lap, the teeth start to come out and, if we get distracted for a moment, it gives us the idea that, sooner, we will be preparing the first backpack.

How many times we hear parents missing their tiny babies, so tiny as they can no longer remember them. Fitting in the lap, leaving empty space wherever they land.
And they were!
These images loaded with tenderness can prove that! When there are images!
And when there aren't? When there isn't a record, a picture? This moment kept forever, beyond time, sleepless nights, forgetfulness?
When there aren't pictures the vague, unclear, colorless memories remain... in any forgotten compartment of the head and heart, where we try to return in vain.

Don't blame yourselves, parents! Don't blame yourselves for it being so intense, for you being more or less prepared, for you being caught up in the difficulty of the role, for you not being able to hold the time and delay it, for you not remembering how tiny they were.
But remember, you can record everything. Keep this moment forever. So it will never be lost!

Mariana is two years old now. But we, and perhaps also the parents, can assure it was only yesterday that we risked everything on a windstorm afternoon to photograph her on her first home, her mother's belly!
For us Mariana still exists like this, so tiny.
And with so many images it will be impossible to forget every detail of who she was!