I swing in the need to take stock.
It went too fast to the compass of those who want to live and savor every moment.

People succeded to people, ties, affections, smiles ... words dropped to the wind, unruly hairs in the breeze.
We felt cold and heat, fell in love again and again, vibrated with so many stories, were amazed by details for then, take a deep breath, and fall in love again.

It was a big, long, heavy, fat year.
A year that gave us so much, photographies, stories and memories. Friends for life.
We keep every moment lived as if it was the last. We breathe deeper and prepare ourselves for what is coming.

2016 has not yet come, but the expectations have already ripped midnight, swallowed raisins and believing on an amazing year!
A year of change, a year in which we will launch the seeds to earth (TERRA), 365 days as windows of opportunity to live even more, deeply, pages and pages of stories to write.

All condensed in two words: thank you!
To all those who have followed and follow us this adventure.

A toast to 2016, to the new beginnings and re-starts, to the somersaults of life, to the stories, the passions, to life... to earth (TERRA)!

2016 can come, we are ready!

31st December of 2015