She gave us the challenge as an anchor, holding us on to dreams, and did not let us go away.

Between always so crowded photo shoots, filled with bustle and games, it tastes so good when the rhythm is broken and the boat starts moving to calmer seas, so rarely sailed.
We reinvent ourselves, we take a deep breath and put all of us in that moment, feeling the sea and salt in the face and in the spine the shiver of adventure.

At our eyes, she is just like so, a beautiful place overlooking the sea, the smell of forest mixed with the sound of sails getting filled with wind and discovery.
And sometimes it's so needed to see ourselves by other's eyes, to validate what we already know or remember what has been forgotten.
Throw ourselves an anchor that grabs us, with fire and sword, to dreams and life.

With Ana Sofia it was so simple, like all the things that feel so well and last so little and that do not need nothing more to provide moments to keep.
And the enchantment lingers in memory, almost demanding another anchor to be thrown at us, this time to the head, to break the spell.

Do what we love has these things and the risk of anchoring forever beautiful images to the heart, like this:

14th December of 2015