They said it was going to rain.
The sky was painted black, finally wearing the colors of a delayed autumn.
The wind blew strong, sweeping the few already fallen leaves and giving off many others.
But, yet, we took the risk. We believed that the rain would make a moment of waiting and would give us this window of chance to tell Mariana's story.

On the next day there were sun, on the hours after it rained! And it all made sense, on a blessing to the 39 weeks completed on this day, the day when we took the risk and that we filled with beautiful images and unique memories, a day that could have been, otherwise, just a gray saturday.
Mariana, unhurried, will come at the right time, on a day perhaps also full of gray and wind, like the day when were completed weeks of excitement, waiting and, already so much, love.

Anxious, enamored, the parents and now us too, that have reached this adventure when it seems almost over, but that, if you take a closer look, it just about to start.
Thus another stage is completed, another cycle is closed, and it is filled with light a dark day and with life endless lifeless leaves, swept by the autumn wind.

We cling to these memories, without further delay in words, in the hope of more days like this, where the gray equates with happy moments.

21st December of 2015