Perhaps memories are like a good wine and all that time can do for it, refining the taste, straightening the body.
The time not only steals us from things to do, to say, to see but also gives us this strange feeling that we have already lived so much, done so much, said so much, seen so much.

The images that we bring today are not from today, not from yesterday, or even from a few months ago.
It's been over a year now, the smiles are different, the stories are more complete and, with the arrival of Afonso, certainly much more happier.

The time that has passed since this afternoon until today we don't know where it went, it slipped from our hands like the beach sand we walked on.
We keep in mind the sounds of a fun afternoon, the wind shaking the hair and shivering the skin, the sea smell.
And how else could we remember these moments than not so, through photographs that we can review over and over again?

Certainly this belly is already missed.
Certainly the world has rotated over and over again around the sun and itself.
Certainly many wines have refined the taste and straighten the body.

But the greatest certainty is this homesickness appeased by a set of images and the smile left on our lips for knowing us so there in that moment!
With nostalgia, today we remember this session:

7th October of 2015