The silence around here is inversely proportional to the noisy movement of the gears that move this stories machine.
We continue, relentlessly, telling stories and remembering, gradually, many others. And are the stories that leverage the machine and oil it, in enthusiasm and inspiration, to each new challenge.

On this day we told a chapter of Leonor's story and counted with an unexpected tenderness, a sweetness that surprised us and such a pretty eyes filled with world and sea.
Although we have not started the day as we like, photographing the preparation, everything that followed was so perfect and true that we do not feel, at all, that something might have left untold.

We put together the excitement and sweetness of Leonor with the availability, sympathy and commitment of these parents, all together in the space of Lima Limão, whose talent and taste no longer surprise us, and the result could not be other than a memorable and unforgettable day!
Even without being able to bring all the balloons outside, otherwise they could find an open road to heaven, this was a happy day, it was Leonor's day. And what day! Oh what day!

We show you only a little, so little of so much magic and fun:

5th October of 2015