To the generosity of this autumn we say thank you with all the stories we told until the last ray of sun.
An autumn that haven't said goodbye to the summer and didn't take its the place, and the two stayed in this love affair of sunny days, mild temperatures and a light that doesn't let us stay at home.

So we began to tell this story whose preface was written long ago.
Catarina was already part of our story before this session, at a time when the ruler and the square stole our time from the photograph machine.
And life takes its turns and in its turns the reencounters surprise us, mixed with the magic hand of a best friend who provided us these moments and this session.

We wanted with the best of us, doing justice to the beliefs in the moon changes and with a super moon shining on the sky, that Matilde was born on this day, to mark it in an even more special way and appeasing the curiosity and anxiety of these (already so) doting parents.
It was a serene session, full of light, with a listening life and another four waiting.

She will be the beloved girl of this parents eyes and surely of ours, may life provides it and may we be able forget the time completely rocked by a lap
Because thinking about all the Matildes that I have already photographed, it will not be easy to resist her!

Time passes by. Everything passes by. Sometimes we just have to wait, in the best and most incredible of all waits.
But there are also memories, the best ones, that remain with us forever.
Like this one:


We love to photograph this unique and so special stage of life, to met in a belly what will, one day, become life.

21st November of 2016