We always carry with us the memories of the sun, the smell of salt and the sea in the skin.
It is always easy to remember the summer afternoons, or the heat that did not fit in a day and spilled over into the night, snuggling us and leaving us almost like an homeless, due to so many hours spent on the street.

To these old memories we add today, new memories. Perhaps more happy ones, not only because they were, but because we keep them much sharper and in high definition.
I wish we had, in the time I ran barefoot spoiling sand dunes, good machines and a photographer or just an enthusiastic to register me, a professional in all that it is to be a child.

It nestles us, much more than the heat of a summer night, to know these families like this, smiling and happy but above all and forever, guardians of these moments.
We keep them too, clinging with all our strength on the other side of the line that separates the photos that are yours from our professional register and the memories that are also ours.

In duplicate or triplicate in one, two or more disks, subject to whatever informatic catastrophe that there may be, but most often on paper, so that they mature and have all the time for aging and to thrill later.
But always and forever, stored in the safest place in the world, the heart!

This family remains with us, forever, on this summer afternoon.

17th March of 2015