When I was a kid I always had an agenda on which, strangely, test dates or most relevant events dates were not included, but that worked as a mix of a diary and a repository of happy times.
I kept tickets from places I've visited, notes shared with schoolmates... I remember that there was whom drawed or wrote on my agenda by request, a kind of dedication or just a " please draw here" just because.
I collected happy moments in the naivety and innocence of those who only live and breath and don’t need more than that.

Then everything changed, on my college days my agendas suffered a clash with reality, mine. Deep down I think we went, holding hands, me and my agendas, against the wall of being an adult, of dates, responsibilities, of things that can not fail even if everything else fails.
The grown-ups jobs came and there were always dates added up to dates, almost without realizing that time was passing by and that all other things, the ones that really matter, were left with no place on the pages of the agenda.

And everything got worse with the total dedication to a dream that is now the largest and most demanding adventure of my life, this project, Terra. When the responsibility is ours alone, our back bend to the weight and the pages of agendas become filled up with photoshoot dates, weddings, meetings, lists and lists and more lists... in most cases lists of things that we don't do because items wait with patience, but never get their turn. It's almost like having the number 436 on the waiting list and the screen shows the number 2 as the last one called!

The time of an end point has come.
Rounded, squared, well designed or in a scratch, the end point has the number 1 and is being called.
Come on end point, it's your turn!

I will turn the chest of memories upside down and find a bit of the naivety and innocence of those who only live and breathe and don't need anything else.
I will continue to carefully write down all the stories and all the details of all the stories I tell, told or that I will tell, but much more than that, I will recover my agenda as a repository of happy times.
Because if the happy moments are just that, moments, time gaps that pass by in the blink of an eye, it is very easy to forget them, or to simply not give them the importance they deserve.

Happy moments, you do matter!
Happy moments, short or longer, a blink of an eye, you are mine, my kind of blessing for all and so many stones of the way.
Happy moments, you will never be forgotten!

“13th of March, 2016

... I ate tapas with friends!
... I get rid of homesickness from my city!
... I didn't wanted to go home! "

And the best tapas in this world and the other (yes, there are tapas in the other world!) are in Pepa Tomate. If you go there, take me with you, I will go. Really. Even if I have to walk there!

17th March of 2016