Following a gray day, there is always a sunny day.
Sometimes one or another gray is added, but the sun never disappoints.

And today there is sun, even if it is only within us, recalling these moments that rocked us by the photoshoot rhythm.
And we know, for sure, that these two little children are missed in size, not only by the parents, ruffled, the best ones, but also by us that always take advantage of a tantrum, a battery to swap or any other excuse to cuddle and give lap.

There are many many days ago, so many that we seek in memory and everything seems fuzzy, but saving in pictures is so much easier that everything becomes present and crisp like if it just happened yesterday, there are even many, many days ago we were like so, still in our first house of stories, in the village of Sintra, welcoming such a delicate and tiny little boy that flooded our space with tenderness.

We writhe about how quickly time has passed by, but that's a fait accompli, it always passes so quickly, too quickly for those who do not want to let life go without mark each second with a story to tell.
Today, already grown, but still filling our hearts in every form and meaning, they can also remember how they were so tiny and how their story of unbreakable ties and a thousand and one adventures began.
What better legacy can these parents left in the hands of the ones that remain than the memories of ties and affection, give them forever their family in pictures as someone who writes to never forget?

Today there is sun!
At least within us, with images like these:

16th March of 2016