The end of the year was super busy around here.
We always think that this will be the quietest time, which will give us all the time we need for reflection and organization, but life goes around in it's own way and wanted these days to be like this, full of good moments and stories to tell. Lucky us!

At Christmas time so many people took the opportunity to come visit Lisbon, to get to know our beautiful city, so many others in town took the advantage of the family vacations to do a photo shoot, that was always with a smile that we faced the cold to meet another good story.

So we went to meet Beatriz! 15 days old she came right before Christmas, in the version of best Christmas gift of all times. Very quiet and super tiny, she made herself bigger in the sighs that she ripped off from us.

That feeling of entering a house that has just received a new baby, still in changes and adaptations, but already overflowing with love and with that smell in the air. Priceless!
We are increasingly adept of these lifestyle sessions where we meet you in the comfort of your home, without destabilizing the baby's routines and in an environment that she knows so well.

We hope time can be generous with these parents. May it guide the baby's sleep and let them rest better, but above all, give them more time, take longer to pass by so they can enjoy every single second of this unique moment.
We? We came back with a comforted heart and hands full of good times!

Welcome, sweet Beatriz!

Remember with us these moments and resist to so much tenderness, if you can:

5th January of 2017