2017 arrived, full of confettis, pots knocked by the windows and many traditions like the incredible raisins that, swallowed with so much sacrifice, made me forget to ask for my wishes.

But if we repeat things from one year to another do they become tradition?
For me, yes indeed!

On new year's day we decided to repeat what we had done the year before: to receive the new year by the table, all together, with a brunch that would give us the warmth to our stomach and soul, but without going on with all the nonsense already ate throughout the festive season (yes, no one ate only lettuce these days!).

After a long indecision and some vain attempts to make a reservation, because we already knew that the brunch came to stay and a lot of people would start the year like us, we decided on Wish.
Exactly like last year, but with the mission to get there earlier so we didn't wait too long for a table.

The Wish Slow Coffee is a place we repeat throughout the year because the brunch remains on the palate and in our memory and we are increasingly enthusiasts of this new way of waking up and combining a late breakfast and lunch at the same meal.
Is there a more perfect sunday than a well-filled table and an arm full of friends?

The space is super nice in a combination of a scandinavian style with many notes related to the concept of slow coffee. Furthermore, along with the aroma of "poffertjes" (dutch pancakes) is also the smell of coffee that welcomes us right at the entrance.
And the coffees to choose from leave the doubt about what to drink, although our favorite is Chemex. Try it, you will not regret it!

But let's talk about our (delicious) brunch! In a special new year's edition, it included juice and coffee, soup, yogurt with granola, a bowl of fruit, bread, croissant, butter, jam, nutella, cheese, ham ... and a mini chocolate salami with marshmallows which I opted to eat in the end with the coffee. There was still the benedict egg to top off a pita bread with ham or smoked salmon which was the highlight of this brunch. Will there be a more incredible combination than benedict eggs and smoked salmon? Maybe not.

And if this was a special new year's edition, the brunch is available on the other days in two versions: pouca fome (less hunger) and muita fome (lot of hunger). But certainly, in the end, you will not be hungry, at all!

But not only on brunch resides Wish... there are salads that are to die for, bagels and other snacks that those who have not joined yet the brunch fashion can always eat... and cry for more!
There it is, the problem is to choose. Among the various cafes, snacks, brunch, cakes, salads... the problem is to decide with what we are going to be delighted.

On the next door and also with direct access through the cafe space is the Wish Concept Store. And if you think you have crossed your marks on the coffee side, do not risk crossing the line separating the cafe from the shop because on the other side it will be flooded with design pieces, stationary... decor accessories so but so incredible that the difficulty will be, once again, to resist the temptation!
If you prefer, you can always choose to buy, more consciously, in the online store, but believe that the physical store deserves your visit and you will be sorry for not having been there!

Do it like I do: first the stomach, hours lost (or won) in conversation with friends and then, to finish off a good sunday, a hop by the store for one or two things... or five, it depends!

Now that you know me in this register of a brunch lover, let me know: is there any special place you would like to suggest for next sunday?

Let's do it!
Happy 2017!

WHERE: Wish Slow Coffee House and Wish Concept Store
HOW TO GET THERE: LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Espaço G.02A, 1300-501 Lisbon, Portugal
WHAT: Brunch
HOW MUCH: the new year's brunch costed € 15/person. The other always available options have a lower value.

2nd January of 2017