Once upon a time a love story. And very little can we add to this.
This is it. Just this. So this.

We are truly stories addicted, to hear them, to read them, to tell them... but everytime we become more and more involved with the characters and bring them to our own story. There are brides and grooms that become friends, families that we see growing and are already, almost, our own family.
We've already done a marathon so that a groom wouldn't came barefoot, we held nerve tears when life took the friendly shoulder where they should be deposited, we gave our lap, we laughed (a lot), we cried, we get lost in time savoring each image but even more sharing ideas and what of most precious we have: life.

Today we revive in memory, but also in the skin, a summer day that almost looked like autumn.
It was a long, intense day, but one of the good ones.
Smiles, talks, holding hands, love... lots of love, and the ultimate "yes, I do!" that turned the page and gave start to a new chapter, for us, the best of the story!

Today with more or less plans, with paths that cross or get apart, but that always begin on this day when everything started, yesterday, tomorrow and forever together, like so:

29th February of 2016