We got lost counting the time that passed by since this day with a suspicious sure that it may have been yesterday, even yesterday.

This story has already new chapters that include sleepless nights, diapers and the victory of the first words or the first steps, but now, and as time passes, the more will we have to rummaging through the archives and to revive the memory.

There are weddings that we will never forget, but the months that follow, of flirting and enchantment are not anything behind from the excitement and emotion of the "yes, I do".

With this story we get back to the Alentejo, in an year in which so many times Alentejo that we almost only Alentejo, that peace that clings to the skin, the eyes forgotten in the never ending plain, the late afternoon colors pullings us into the opposite direction of the road that leads to Sintra.

We want more moments like these, and you?
Do you want more Alentejo? More Sintra? More Lisbon? More Oporto?
So come on, challenge us, take us, we want to tell your story!

As we told this one and so many others, but today much more this one:

2nd March of 2016