How many of us remember the day we celebrated the first year of life?
Time passes and the memories become distant, blurry, some details are lost in the curves of the way.

Maria Cereja will keep from this day the best memories!
Family members and friends who played with her, the many laps that served her as a shelter, the smiles, the jokes.
The parents' dedication in making a so special day, the details, every aspect thought out with care and affection of who sees a life growing beyond their own lives.

Cereja (cherry) could not have another name. So tiny, eyes full of lashes, friendly and sweet, making justice to the name, and being desired in bunches!

A super cool family, a girl who took us off sighs.
We were very well received in the family home and re-discovered the smallness of the world knowing them as friends of friends of friends.

Thank you sweet family!
Here is a sample of the day when Maria Cereja celebrated the first year of life and she yes, she will keep forever many and great memories from this day.

It was so:

2nd November of 2015