It rains, it doesn't rain, it rains.
We oscillate between a kind of off-season spring and an autumn that does not go unnoticed.
But on this day we were surprised by an almost-summer in light, color and temperature.

The day dawned surrendered to the sun and a blue sky, immersed in the excitement of telling a new story by the hand of a family that we already knew and from whom we are eternally wistful.

At Jeronimos we felt like tourists with photographic machines in hands and we do believe that many other memories of this day will have been registered by other unrelated eyes, appearing in holiday albums.

The almost-summer flavor was reinforced later, by the sea.
We believed that the autumn would bring a beach naked in people and noise but it was a thought that the almost-summer thrown on the ground (sand).
So we switch the feet in the sand by a corner out of context but at hand, where we recorded in memory and in the memory cards, images like this.

A special day we remember with affection and that makes us shake in the inside because we know that, not far from today, images like these will be in our hands, eyes and soul.

It was so:

9th October of 2015