All stories have a B side, or at least two versions, depending on who tells.
And the other side is, perhaps many times, the best side.

If in a version of this story there is detail and a lot of light, on the other side there is symmetry, balance and a job that is often done in the shade, undeservedly.

Sergio, besides Terra, this our side A, also wears the shirt of a project although the same, so different. The Invisible Gentleman, a wonderful and amazing side B!
Invisible Gentleman is photography, but much more than architectural photography. There is rigor, there is symmetry, balance within each picture, every shot, but there is much more, there is love for what is done.

I must confess that it is so easy to fall in love for the people, for their stories, for their imperfections that make them so unique. But fall in love by four walls, vibrate with every geometry, texture, materiality? It's not for everyone.
Often it only seems dull to me and it takes me a while to get into the spirit of the building, to Sergio it is a deep-seated passion, is vibrating with a shadow in the right place, with an angle ripping the geometry, with small details (and also imperfections) that make that building a so amazing and special space as the people who we photograph in this other side, at Terra.

These are two different and equal projects, hand in hand with our stories, often we are there, entirely, sometimes only here.

Sometimes there are cold walls and concrete, other times flesh and blood emotions, but all are, after all, stories.
And the A side and B side of the same story, ours!

This is our B side!

23rd June of 2016