Some days we feel like we woke up in the wrong side of the world.
In these days, when we feel like doing a little or nothing we settle ourselves by the memory of the others. The days when we tell stories, when we laugh and play, exchange experiences... and keep everything in a memory card that is so tiny, in front of the great stories we want to tell.

Tomás was born on the King's day against any prospect to come as a christmas gift. He was born on the day he wanted, even like a little king, and as for us, on the right day.

After the shoot when we met him still in the belly that gave him shelter for 9 months, it was with enthusiasm and a lot of curiosity that we have seen and photographed him like this, for the first time as a baby. A calm and very quiet session in the comfort of the place he knows as his second home (after the mother belly), where only the hunger brought some discomfort and agitation.

Today, Tomás is already a grown up boy guessed to be daring and mischievous and, surely, walking too quickly towards the time when these memories will be, also for him, very beloved.

For us, a little piece of Tomás remains like this, in this little untouched piece of time, surrounded by excitement and tenderness and held by many.

Can you resist?

22nd June of 2016