I write-erase-write again-erase one more time-rewrite... there are no words to describe this day and if I find one it seems too small, not enough.

From this day on nothing changes, but nothing will, ever, be the same!
Henceforth the journey is even more together, on an emotional and convinced "yes, I do" where neither voice had the courage to fail.

More than the heat, the hot sun ripping a blue sky, a summer day starting September, there was all the rest, and a rest that is so much, that is everything.
Emotions flagged in tears impossible to contain, a flutter of nervousness hardly disguised in the restless hands, surprises after surprises, cause this family and these friends are not to be trifled with!

It seems like yesterday we received the first contact promising a party day but with no promises of emotional speeches, amazing surprises, a day full of light, wide open laughs, a body refreshed by the warmth of emotions. No one promised us that we would be so well received, that it would be so hard to disguise the feelings and, yet, nothing was missed in this non-promise more than fulfilled.

It was amazing. It was magical. It was special. It was out of this world... !
Like so we write love. With no words.
And it seems chickenshit repeat to exhaustion, over and over and over again, that our brides and grooms are the best. But they are!

You are the best! Period.

6th September of 2016